Hot Dogs with Wild Boar Meat Sausages

When wild animal meat is properly processed, there’s none of the unpleasant smell people associate with animals in the wilderness. That’s something we’d like to point out when it comes to our wild boar meat sausages, which are packed with natural umami.

Game meat is gaining recognition as a source of food. Wild animals and birds are often killed to protect agriculture. Their damage to farming is estimated to be 16 billion yen annually, and yet 90% of the meat from game animals and birds goes to waste. Though the loins and thighs are in high demand, the other cuts are left piling up in meat processing factories, and never shipped to market.

At LATURE, we decided to utilize those very cuts. After all, French cuisine is known for making use of every cut of meat.

At MONICA, too, we aim to contribute to ecosystem sustainability by baking breads that fully utilize game meats.